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Specific Massage

The Essence

This specific massage is rendered on the energy lines across your back, head and shoulders, to stimulate nerves and blood circulation, giving you an exceptional soothing experience. It is known to give relief from regular headaches as well as recurring migraine headaches.

Offered by using Thai herbal oils, each with its own exceptional healing features, the massage is also effective in relieving stress, and getting rid of back and muscle pains.

What Aura Thai Spa Offers

At Aura Thai Spa, the main focus of this massage is on alleviating the nervous strain by ensuring an even flow of blood in the veins.

We use the ancient Thai acupressure techniques, resulting in a high point of relaxation. While you sit or lie on your stomach, our qualified therapists will apply their skills on your back, head and shoulders. By mildly compressing the multiple pressure points on these areas, they ensure that you get complete protection from stress, while reducing / delaying the effects of aging.

How You Benefit

At Aura Thai Spa, your benefits are not only restricted to headache and stress relief. They also include;

  • Improved flow of blood to the neck and head
  • Stimulated drainage of the lymphatic structure
  • Decreased body stiffness
  • Better flexibility
  • Overall invigorating experience
  • Protection against the aging process
  • Opening of energy lines
  • Relief from back, muscle pains.
Recommended for headaches (including migraine), back, shoulder and neck pains.

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